Australian Gardener- Beautanicals



At Beautanicals, we are proud of the fact that we grow what we sell.

We can send seeds anywhere in the world.
All seed is organically grown, bio-dynamically tended, garden hardened and open pollinated.
We grow the plants, harvest the seed, clean and winnow, and pack your order ourselves.

Overseas seed purchases are no problem as all seed is clearly identified, in clear bags, and packed in padded post bags, labelled for hand sorting and identified as seed.
Our rate of issues with postage, inside or outside Australia is less than 1% of orders.

Even though we do supply some of Australia's leading Retail Nurseries and Research facilities with seed, our main focus is on the home gardener wanting to grow the plants that can enhance their lives.
We are not open to the public, and we grow the herbs in gardens, not hothouses so that they are open pollinated and climate hardened.

Please be aware that, as we have moved to a larger farm in the Mary Valley, Queensland, we will not be registered as Certified Organic until we have settled on our new property.

As new certification will take four years to complete, it will be that long before we are able brand our seed or plants 'Certified Organic' despite the fact that 'organic' is our only method of growing.

For the complete shop, including live plants, tubers, bulbs and potted plants, visit our other store at:

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