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Mullein/Aarons' Rod (Cream Flower) - Seeds

Mullein/Aarons' Rod (Cream Flower) - Seeds Image

It is a large, showy rosette of generous, elongated ovate leaves which are covered with a fine, fuzz.
This plant is a biennial.
The first year of it's growth being limited to a rosette of leaves which, like Evening Primrose, seem to not make any progress at all, but then, in the second year, it pushes skyward, creating a spear of brilliant small cream to yellow flowers, which circle the spire, and bloom and alternately wither and become seed pods.
This process of blooming lasts nearly a month or sometimes a bit longer. Mullein is a prolific seed producer which makes it possible to use the seed as a remedy as well.
The use of the leaf as a tea is so quick and easy as a remedy for raspy or 'tight' cough that it is almost as convenient as just making a cuppa.
The leaf can be dried for later use as well.

50+ fresh seeds / Cream variety $3.95
Degree of difficulty in germination.....2/10 (1 is easy - 10 very difficult)

Clinical descriptions concerning the herb.
Mullein flower
Verbasci flos
Published February 1, 1990
Name of Drug
Verbasci flos, mullein flower.
Composition of Drug
Mullein flower consists of the dried petals of Verbascum densiflorum Bertoloni and/or of V. phlomoides L. (syn. V. thapsus L.) [Fam. Scrophulariaceae], as well as their preparations in effective dosage.
The drug contains saponins and mucopolysaccharides.
Catarrhs of the respiratory tract.
None known.
Side Effects
None known.
Interactions with Other Drugs
None known.
Unless otherwise prescribed:
Daily dosage:
3 - 4 g of herb;
equivalent preparations.
Mode of Administration
Comminuted herb for teas and other galenical preparations for internal use.
Alleviating irritation

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