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Christmas Rose -Seeds

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Probably best referred to in Australia as Winter Rose because of the absence of Christmas at that time of year.
This is a very old herb, with a tradition as long as anyone cares to go back.
As a garden plant , Winter Rose is absolutely delightful if a little difficult to maintain in the strong Australian summers.
We keep our Winter Rose plants in pots on the verandah as the garden can be a little too harsh at times.
It is no problem in pots as long as it does not get to sit in water. It needs to drain freely and refreshed compost once or twice a year is all the care it needs. Not a plant to be trifled with medicinally, it is quite toxic in almost any amount.

We keep it and use it homoeopathically as it is extremely useful for headache, tinnitus and it's beneficial effect on the kidneys.

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