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Veld Grape -Seeds

Veld Grape -Seeds Image

Gaining much popularity in the 'Body building' circles, this quite weird little plant with 'cactus' looking stems with grape-like leaves erupting from the joints.

Cissus, in summer, produces these great little red berries, in bunches.
Easy to grow, Cissus will adapt well to pots, hangers and in the garden.
It requires little effort and enjoys being left alone to do it's own thing.

The seeds of Cissus will only be available each year until the plants are no longer fruiting, as we have noticed that their viability is best when they are quite fresh. We plant seed at that time to produce more plants in the Nursery.
Amongst their many benefits is their ability to promote healing of fractures and deep muscle tissue, increasing muscle mass.

There are many claims about Cissus' ability to 'burn' fat and lower blood sugar, but we are unable to confirm that as our own trials are not yet complete.
Cissus does, however act as an extremely good diuretic.

The dried, crushed herb is most often used and we have found that it keeps well in that condition.

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