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High John the Conqueror -Seeds

High John the Conqueror -Seeds Image

An herbaceous vine that seems to go on forever, with heart shaped leaves and trumpet-like purple/white flowers.

While High John likes a hot climate, it seems to do best where there is some shade during the day.

As an active garden herb High John the Conqueror is not one you would use often.

The resin 'convolulin', is the active ingredient in the root, and is such a powerful cathartic that it should seriously not be used.

High John is a delight, however, trailing over an old and dilapidated fence.

It can be perennial if circumstances are ideal for it, but also annual if it suits the plant.
Older root is dried and kept secure to retain your 'Mojo'.

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Degree of difficulty in germination.....2/10
(1 is easy - 10 very difficult) Seasonal- Best in late Summer.

  • Australia
  • Outside of Australia