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Japanese Saltwort -Seeds

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Also called land seaweed or "Okahijiki" in Japan, this is a delightful little plant to grow.

The common name of Saltwort is primarily because of it's ability to grow in quite saline conditions and not for the taste which is clean and fresh.
Saltwort is quite an active summer annual that grows more determinedly the more it is trimmed for dinner. It really is an excellent green to accompany fish, especially 'sushi' as it is not too strong in taste, therefore allowing the food to be 'itself'.
The texture is crunchy and delightful.
Easy to grow and quick to germinate in Spring, it becomes a light groundcover that is bright green and interesting for the whole season.
We germinate Saltwort in late winter and plant out when frost is unlikely to damage the seedlings.

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Degree of difficulty in germination.....2/10
(1 is easy - 10 very difficult) Seasonal