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European Motherwort / Lion's Tail -Seeds

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Not to be confused with L.heteropyllus, or Chinese Motherwort, this leonurus has whorls of white flowers that appear in the leaf axils.

Motherworts are very easy to strike from seed and as they are perennial they are harvested at varying times of the year depending on the need.
They have the typical square stems but the upper leaves have only three lobes, while the lower ones have five to seven. Motherwort seems to prefer some shade during the day and are not particularly worried when they dry out occasionally.
We find Motherwort tea is quite sedative but as it contains the alkaloid 'stachydrine' it is best avoided during pregnancy.

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Degree of difficulty in germination.....4/10 (1 is easy - 10 very difficult) Seasonal

Motherwort herb
Leonuri cardiacae herba
Leonuri cardiacae herba, motherwort herb.

Composition of Drug
Motherwort herb consists of the above-ground parts of Leonurus cardiaca L. [Fam. Lamiaceae], gathered during flowering season,
as well as their preparations in effective dosage.
The drug contains alkaloids (stachydrine), glycosides of bitter principles, and bufenolide.
Nervous cardiac disorders and as adjuvant for thyroid hyperfunction.
None known.
Side Effects
None known.
Interactions with Other Drugs
None known.
Unless otherwise prescribed:
Average daily dosage:
1.5 g herb;
equivalent preparations.
Mode of Administration
Comminuted herb for infusions and other galenical preparations for internal use.