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Native Tobacco -Seeds

Native Tobacco -Seeds Image

As you can see 'gossei' will grow beautifully in partial or semi shade.

It does perform in full sun but we have noticed that the foliage is tougher and less attractive. Native Tobacco is listed as an annual but we have found that it extends way beyond a year and continues to enhance the garden long term.

Native Tobacco does best with some winter sun so around deciduous trees seems to be ideal, and the evening scent is beautiful, delicate and green.
Germination is fast (5-7 days) but our best results are planting where you intend to grow it as it does not always transplant well. Best time is early winter to plant seed and germination depends on 'day length'.

The use of the leaf as a tea to spray on the soft leaved plants that are the unfortunate prey of many insects and sap suckers is it's most common function.
The leaves contain just over 1% nicotine which seems to have no residual effect on the plants protected.

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Degree of difficulty in germination.....4/10
(1 is easy - 10 very difficult) Seasonal