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St. John's Wort has had a lot of press over the years and, no matter what conclusion you may have reached regarding it, it has proven itself a useful herb over time, as long as it is used with experience.
Not an herb for general, unprepared use. Homeopathic use we can thoroughly recommend.
It is easy to grow and, once established, very easy to maintain, surviving quite well through Winter and covering itself with a carpet of yellow gold flowers in Summer.
The seed is not always easy to get started but if you spread it on good seed raising mix and leave it alone, it will germinate in it's own time.
Ours are not the large flowered varieties that have been developed for general gardening, but the original, small flowered, small leaved, potent herb.
(Small Seed)

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Degree of difficulty in germination.....8/10
(1 is easy - 10 very difficult) Seasonal