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Thyme, Garden Thyme, Wild Thyme -Seeds

Thyme, Garden Thyme, Wild Thyme -Seeds Image

Another one needing no introduction, Thyme will strike easily for you from fresh seed.
Great as borders or pots Thyme just simply are essential.
Apart from their culinary uses, a tea made from the fresh leaves of Thyme, combined with Horehound leaves and honey is great for cold and flu relief.
Small amounts are a sedative whereas larger amounts are a stimulant. It is used against hookworm, roundworms, and threadworms.

Thyme warms and stimulates the lungs, expels mucus and relieves congestion. It also helps deter bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Both thymol and carvacrol have a relaxing effect upon the gastrointestinal tract's smooth muscles.
Small seeds 7000 per gm.

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Degree of difficulty in germination.....5/10 (1 is easy - 10 very difficult) Seasonal