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Holy Basil/ Green Tulsi/ Rama - Seeds

Holy Basil/ Green Tulsi/ Rama - Seeds Image

While it's impossible not to love all of the Basil family, Tulsi has to be our personal favourite.
Quick to strike and easy to grow, Tulsi is listed as an annual but, with constant use and pruning, it will last much longer.
It has a woody stem, allowing it to stand for much longer than many of it's cousins.
Wonderful as a culinary herb, Tulsi does deter mosquitoes, settle the stomach and refresh the mind.

It can be distinguished from the other Basil's by the dusty lustre on the slightly hairy leaves and the deep leaf veins as the plant matures.

Tulsi is often confused with East Indian Basil (Ocimum gratissimum) which is a perennial Basil.

Particularly good when used as a sipping vinegar.

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