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PLANTAIN - Plantago major - Seeds

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Plantago is a perennial plant growing to about 35cm with clusters of tiny green flowers on tall spikes.

When the flowers are spent the seeds form on the hardened spikes, this makes for easy harvesting of seed as it is not unlike picking up joss sticks.

Parts used medicinally are the leaves. Rich in vitamin C, K and T.

We use the leaves of Plantago as a poultice instead of comfrey, sometimes, in treating bruises and broken bones, stings and mild abrasions to the skin.

It is useful homeopathically as well, as an aid to curing addiction.

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PlantainPlantaginis lanceolatae herbaSpitzwegerichkraut Published November 30, 1985Name of Drug Plantaginis lanceolatae herba, plantain herb. Composition of Drug Plantain herb consists of the fresh or dried above-ground parts of Plantago lanceolata L. [Fam. Plantaginaceae], harvested at flowering season, as well as their preparations in effective dosage. Plantain contains mucilage, iridoid glycosides such as aucubin and catapol, and tannin. Uses Internal:Catarrhs of the respiratory tract, inflammatory alterations of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa. External:Inflammatory reactions of the skin. Contraindications None known. Side Effects None known. Interactions with Other Drugs None known. Dosage Unless otherwise prescribed:Average daily dosage:3 - 6 g of herb;equivalent preparations. Mode of Administration Comminuted herb and other galenical preparations for internal and external use. Actions AstringentAntibacterial