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Urid / Black Gram / Black Lentil / Mung Bean -Seed

Urid / Black Gram / Black Lentil / Mung Bean -Seed Image

Also known as known as urad, urad dal, udad dal, urd bean, urd', urid, black matpe bean, this great little bean is such a good food source that you simply cannot ignore it.
An Indian native, it serves a huge proportion of the world as a staple.
It grows densly and produces a very generous crop of beans each year that are able to be easily dried and kept for later use.

Historically, it has been used ground, as a flour, but my absolute favourite way of consuming this pulse is as a 'sprout'.

They are up and exactly like the image to the left in three days.
You can plant a densly packed 1M x 1M garden plot of these beans and it will yeild enough beans to last the family for a couple of months.

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