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Pumpkin Jap or Kent -Seeds

Pumpkin Jap or Kent -Seeds Image

The Kent pumpkin is just an old favourite in every Australian garden.
Easy to strike the seeds of the 'Jap' pumpkin, easy to grow the vine and if you live in an area with few pollinating insects you can easily do it yourself.
They do perform best in reasonably impoverished soil so if you have a section of the yard that always looks drab but gets some decent sunlight, this is your pumpkin.
Best planted in Spring/ Summer, and left to look after themselves, the fruit is ready in Autumn/Winter, just in time to enjoy pumpkin soups and roasts all through winter.
We recommend that you plant 6 or so seeds and thin it down to 3 or 4 once they show which is strongest.
Germination is usually one to two weeks.

Late Spring germination is usually successful.

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