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Woody Nightshade/ Bittersweet- Seeds

Woody Nightshade/ Bittersweet- Seeds Image

Woody Nightshade is a beautifully constant climber that decoratively covers any unsightly but necessary architecture in the yard with perennial green.

The purple spring and summer Dulcamara flowers are followed by the display of bright red berries hanging in clusters right through to late winter.

Woody Nightshade has a reputation as a poisonous herb and unfortunately that has affected it's popularity but in truth, it is only the berries that actually have any notable recorded toxic properties.
The twigs of the Woody Nightshade are the reason for the common name of 'bittersweet' as, when chewed they have an initial burst of bitterness followed by a pleasant sweet taste.

Our major use of this herb is homeopathic, but the herbs popularity was due to it's effectiveness as an anti-rheumatic and a liver tonic.
We have found that the juice from the berries (when rubbed into nails) relieves the inflammation that can occur from time to time at the base of the fingernails where the nail emerges.

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Degree of difficulty in germination.....5/10
(1 is easy - 10 very difficult)