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Seed Gift Vouchers

Seed Gift Vouchers Image

Our Gift Certificates will be emailed when the order is received, to either yourself or directly to the recipient, if you prefer.
The amount showing on the Gift Certificate is the net amount of the order and postage is included in the purchase price but does not show on the Certificate.
The face value is the quantity of seeds that can be purchased and is based on the unit value of the seeds, which is generally $3.50.
This purchase equals 16 packets of seed plus the appropriate postage and handling.
Gift Certificates remain viable for 12 months from purchase date and cannot be redeemed for cash.
The postage paid on the gift certificate is based on a single purchase and must be redeemed as one order.

Gift Vouchers require processing by email.
A list of the seeds required is to be sent to us at complete with postal address and transaction number.
The seed order will be posted by Registered Post in the next mailrun.

Your Price:AU$56.00