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Pinellia, Bian Xia - Seeds

Pinellia, Bian Xia - Seeds Image

The rhizome of this plant is absolutely gorgeous to have either in the garden or potted, where it is bound to get attention and comments.
It's beautiful bright green foliage is match only but the bizarre nature of it's hooded green flower with the overstated plume that is indicative of the Family.
A Spring to Summer herb only, it begins to settle back to the earth in Autumn, when harvest is best performed.
Preparation of the herb for use is very particular and research and experience is necessary before the herb can be safely used.
Only use roots that have been properly prepared, using dried instead of fresh plant can be used.
Chemically, it contains, Amino acids (arginine, serine), alkaloids (ephedrine), polysaccharides, phytosterol, choline, zinc.

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