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Poblano Peppers Anchos - Seed

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Anchos (Poblanos) Peppers
Also known just as poblanos, especially when the peppers are still green.
Anchos are a essential ingredient in many popular Mexican and South Western USA recipes.
They are large enough for easy stuffing and become "anchos" when they turn deep-red or are dried.

Excellent for making powders and sauces, the most famous is, of course, "mole" sauce.
Called Ancho when dried, Poblano when fresh.

This is one of the most popular peppers grown in Mexico.
Plants can grow to 1m. tall. Fully ripened, red fruits are much hotter and flavorful than the earlier picked green ones.
These Peppers are well suited to the Australian climates and are very tidy and easy to keep in the backyard or balcony garden.

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