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Canna - Indian Shot - Small Flowered -Seeds

Canna - Indian Shot - Small Flowered -Seeds Image

This very tropical looking Canna clumps up beautifully, providing a screen or a backdrop that really makes you look like a great gardener.
The seed strikes well and although germination can take up to a few months in southern climates, it is quick to grow from that point on.
Summer sends it's luxuriant foliage a gorgeous deep green interspersed with scarlet flowers.
Ours are at least 1.8m high clumps.
Apparently the rhizome can be grated, washed and dried in much the same way as arrowroot and it can in fact be substituted for Arrowroot although we have never done so.
Grown near a BBQ area, an occasional leaf can be thrown on the fire to deter insects.

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