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Madagascar Jasmine Seeds

Madagascar Jasmine Seeds Image

Madagascar Jasmine, Stephanotis floribunda, Asclepiadaceae.

This is a beautifully scented, trumpet flowered climber that does well in the garden or potted if you prefer.

If planted outside, it prefers to have cool shady feet but needs to climb towards the sun.

We have seen it climbing trees, over archways and covering fences and the effect is simply stunning.

If your climate is cool, it will work inside as long as it gets some direct light.

Also known as Chaplet Flower and Clustered Waxflower, it is tropical by nature but unlike many tropical climbers, it is quite happy to live south of the sub tropical area.

Seed packets contain aprox 12 seeds because of they are only viable straight after harvest.

The seeds will only be available for a short time after harvest as the viability drops alarmingly the longer they sit.
We do not recommend storing the seeds for any longer than 8 weeks and we wil not sell the seed after this time.

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