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Arabica coffee is a slender but bushy shrub.
We find it a joy to have in the garden from purely 'gardening' point of view.
By planting Coffee trees as an avenue along the driveway we are constantly greeted by their dark glossy leaves, fragrant flowers and green to orange to red berries.
We are only just above sea level and the quality of the coffee is excellent, so I'm assuming that 'altitude' is more of an attitude than a necessity with this plant.
Then comes the harvest!
September Fruit.
From a domestic point of view, harvesting the berries, separating the two beans per berry, drying them and eventually roasting the beans is no more effort than processing your own olives.
These are not seeds for the feint hearted or impatient as they can take up to 6 months to germinate, but they are rewarding when they do.
We only ever sow coffee seeds in November and December as that seems to be the only time we are sure to get good germination.
Home processing instructions are sent with your postage advice.
As many gardeners have expressed a sense of frustration with getting Coffee to germinate, we now have Coffee seedlings available on the Live Plant Category.

12 seeds or 6 berries $4.50

Degree of difficulty in germination.....6/10
(1 is easy - 10 very difficult) Seasonal

Seedlings are often available (Seasonal) Here

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