About Postage

Most orders of Seed have a $3.00 postage fee. Regardless of quantity.
Large seed such as Macadamia and Bunya will cost more to post simply because of size and weight.

Orders are posted Monday, Tuesday & Friday.
For an approximation of postage times overseas, please check the International page.
Internet payments are only received through PayPals’ Credit card or Account facilities.
Direct Deposit is also available but there is naturally a delay while the banks pretend to wait to for ‘clearance’.

If you do not wish to set up a PayPal account, you are able to use your credit card by pressing the ‘Continue’ button on the PayPal payment page. (Just beside the Visa and Mastercard icons) This ensures that, your purchases and privacy are secured.

We are aware of some restrictions and will not send seed, plant or plant material to those areas, but the legal situations are changing at such a rate that we must rely on you to do the responsible thing in your environment.

Because we are constantly planting seeds to ensure their freshness & viability, we often have plants to sell as well.
We are constantly updating and increasing the range onsite as we are comfortable that they can be easily grown.

Unfortunately, when we do run out of a particular seed, we are out until next harvest.

We treat our gardens, at the appropriate time, with Biodynamic preparations only and fertilise with Comfrey and, twice a year, with a kelp based preparation.
Seeds are grown Organically by ourselves here in Queensland.